Done and dusted

And just like that, two more fabulous shows are done and dusted.

The Suitcase team are sad to see off another fabulous project BUT supremely proud of The Night Shift & Crunchy Silk. What amazing productions and people to work with.

Thanks again to our creative team – Jonathan, Ben, Helen, Brook, Sofie, Kimberley, Cheyne, Alison, & Laura. You are spectacular!

And its not just us, other people think so too:

  • John – “Two multi-layered psychological dramas handled with a deft touch by this excellent cast and crew. Congratulations to you all, and thank you for a memorable and enjoyable evening.”
  • Terry MacTavish – “Thrilling theatre and some terrific performances – don’t miss this!”
  • Craig – ” Fantastic shows. Actually stunned.”
  • Nicola – “mightily impressed with your work. Some challenging material carried off brilliantly.”

Review: Both Plays: Emer Lyons

Review: The Night Shift: Kate Timms-Dean

Review: Crunchy Silk: Kate Timms-Dean


And – Thanks to everyone who came and brought a ticket. And to anyone who brought loo paper.

nightshelterWe are pleased to announce we are able to donate 443 rolls of toilet paper AND $500 to support the Dunedin Night Shelter and all the great work they do in our community.


Thanks again to all our supporters – Without you we can’t make theatre. Consider us supremely grateful!


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