Coming soon….

Kiaora all

Its been pretty quiet on the face of it lately, but never fear, behind the scenes things are cooking.


After our dark and twisty winter plays we chilled out for a bit (yeah right), diving into a medieval puppet show – A production of Jonathan Cweorth of the Dunedin Medievil Society, featuring the Rare Byrds and Suitcase Theatre.

Many of us were also involved in the Globe Theatre Dunedin production of “Ophelia thinks harder” And catching up with our friends at the Dunedin Public Library to deliver an evening of Lines and Wines”  reading Emily Duncan’s play –“Waipiata”

Now the production team is in full swing. We are busy preparing a fabulous Fringe treat for March (The next Suitcase Theatre Production) AND rehearsing Jonathan’s next theatrical extravaganza (Where we get revert back to our favorite role – actors).

Cant tell you any more just yet…..except that it has a Christmas theme, sort of….also this:


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