People and Productions

  • 2020 – Dear Boobs on Stage
  • 2019 – The Night Shift
  • 2019 – Crunchy silk
  • 2019 – The Best of Us
  • 2018 – Mental Notes 2.0
  • 2018 – Mental Notes
  • 2017 – A memory, a monologue, a rant and a prayer
  • 2016 – The Vagina Monologues
  • 2015 – Pay Per View Poetry

Top Secret and most mysterious things coming soon……… Dunedin Fringe 2023

Two fabulous projects in the works. Each with its own theatrical magic to enhance your fringe festival experience.

Dear Boobs on stage

Performed by: Denise Casey, Kimberley Buchan, Mārama Grant, Leslie Eaton, Helen Fearnley, Harriet Moier

Featuring live music from the Dragonfly Rustlers

Directed & Designed By Laura Wells

Stage Manager: Rosie Collier | Lighting: Craig Storey

The Night Shift: 2019

Performed by: Helen Fearnley & Brook Bray

Directed By Jonathan  Cweorth

Stage Manager: Laura Wells | Lighting: Martin Swann

Crunchy Silk: 2019

Performed by: Kimberley Buchan, Cheyne Jenkinsen & Alison Cowan

Directed & Designed By Sofie Welvaert

Stage Manager: Laura Wells | Lighting: Martin Swann

The Best of Us: Rape Crisis street appeal day 2019

An impromptu fundraiser for Rape Crisis Dunedin. The evening was MC’d by Miss S.Hambles (Sofie Welvaert) and we enjoyed cuddles with Spook and performances from:

Brent Harpur – Poet and cartoonist |Jonathan Cweorth and Simone Petrich from the Rare Byrds early music group | Dr G| Marama Grant – theatre maker and singer |Claire Lacey – Award winning Canadian poet and roller derby aficionado |The Dragonfly Rustlers – folk duo | The Blacks Road Poetry group | Terry MacTavish and Jocelyn Harris – Jane Austen  performers

Mental Notes 2.0 : Mental Health Awareness Week 2018

Performed by:

Brenda Jones, Dylan Shield, Gabby Golding, Gretel Newman-Sugrue,  Helen Fearnley, , Laura Wells,  Marama Grant,  Jefferson Kinghorn, Vincent Batt.

Directed By Sofie Welvaert | Lighting: Craig Storey | Stage Manager: Georgi Hampton

Mental Notes: Dunedin Fringe 2018

Mental Notes is a collaborative piece created by a wide team of writers, performers and supporters. In order to ensure the integrity of the piece and the safety of our team all writing is anonymous. The exception to this being extracts from the soon to be published novella “Bedlamb” by Gretel Newman-Sugrue.

The team responsible for the creation of Mental Notes in 2018 was:

Annie Welvaert, Cain Sleep, Craig Scott, Dylan Shield, Gabby Golding, Georgi Hampton, Gretel Newman-Sugrue,  Helen Davies, Helen Fearnley, John Cosgrove, Kimberley Bucchan, Laura Wells, Megan Short, Miguel Nitis, Paul Ellicott, Sofie Welvaert, Vincent Batt, Zara Walsh

A Memory, A monologue, a rant and a prayer: 2017

In 2017 The V-Day team presented another Eve Ensler piece, hosted by the Globe Theatre Dunedin. Raising funds for Rape Crisis Dunedin.

Sofie Welvaert, Miguel Nitis, Marion Brinsley, Richard Pirie, Helen Fearnley, Gabby Golding, Gretel Newman-Sugrue, Kimberley Buchan, Jasper, Paul Ellicott, Dylan Shield, Laura Wells, Anna Wilde, Terry MacTavish, Natalie Milne Williams, Vincent Batt, Jacinta Làlita Vijeshni Siwan, Zara Walsh, Oscar Macdonald, Dean Alan Jones, Georgi Hampdon

The Vagina Monologues: 2016

In 2016 The V-Day team presented Eve Enslers Vagina monologues to a cozy audience at Morning Magpie. Raising funds for Stopping Violence Dunedin.

Helen Fearnley, Sofie Welvaert, Yvonne Jessop, Kimberley Buchan, Natalie Milne Williams, Denise Casey, Zara Walsh, Gabby Goulding, Juliet McLachlan, Marion Brinsely

Pay-Per-View poetry: 2015

In 2015 The Pay-Per-View Poetry team were preparing for the Dunedin Fringe Festival, – compiling our favourite poems to share with you on the corners of various Dunedin Streets 🙂

Kimberly Buchan, Andrew Brinsley-Pirie, Helen Fearnley, Sofie Welvaert,  Miguel Nitis,  Brook Bray, Richard Pirie, Marion Brinsley

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