Farewell to a classy bird


We recently received the news that the Dunedin theatre scene has lost one of our great talents. Farewell Brenda Jones.

The Suitcase team met Brenda just last year in the Globe Theatre production of Wyrd Sisters. It is hard to imagine we knew her for so little time – she has made a huge impact on our hearts.

Brenda was a fast friend to many in our Suitcase circle. Later in 2018 she played an integral role in our flagship production “Mental Notes”. She loved theatre and nothing could slow her down. Brenda was already part of a newest cast, currently in rehearsal for a 2020 Fringe Festival production.


There are no words to adequately express how we are feeling at your loss….So these will have to do for now – We are sad, we are very sad and we are going to keep being sad for a long time.

Brenda – you are the classiest lady we know – you will be missed.

 Take care of each other. XOXO – Sofie, Helen and Laura.



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