Roll up Roll up – tickets on sale now

Two dark and twisty plays. Opening 11 days from now.

Get your ticket, don’t miss out!

Suitcase theatre has recruited a fabulously talented team to share with you two dark, twisted and completely hilarious plays.

About the plays:

Crunchy Silk – By Jess Sayer

There’s something wrong with Astrid. At least, that’s what Olivia says.
But Marlo says Astrid is fine, Olivia’s the one who’s batshit.
Round and round and round it goes and when it stops, someone dies.

The Night Shift – By Mark Murphy

A dark and compelling play about the profound impact of childhood memories on adult relationships.Two actors portray characters in two apparently unconnected stories; a woman with a sleep disorder toys with her much put upon lover, a troubled man in a secure unit spars with his newly qualified counselor. What forces are driving these parallel couples apart? What hidden tied bind them?


The fabulous casts:

Brook Bray and Helen Fearnley star in The Night Shift.

Kimberley Buchan, Alison Cowan and Cheyne Jenkinsin star in Crunchy Silk.


Bring some Loo Paper

These productions are raising funds for the Dunedin Night Shelter. When we visited last month we asked what they needed and they said loo paper. So, we are building a loo paper castle in the foyer of the theatre. All donations (+50/5 of our profits) will be gifted to the Dunedin Night Shelter at the end of the run.

Castle 1

Your theatrical options are endless:

Come for one show; see both on different nights; or book both on the same night and claim a FREE DRINK at the neighboring pub, so you can unwind from the first show before gearing up for the next!

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